My Office

Not really. Just part of my family.


After quite a few years in the art directing business, my passion still holds true. It’s to be able to take ideas that are new and maybe some that are tried and true and to make them into digital works of art.

As a freelance artist I enjoy working with both agencies or individuals, work related or personal.

In the business model, I like taking on thought-provoking projects that challenge me creatively and make me go the extra mile is what I consider a way of life. I work towards results that are both innovative and measurable.

On a more micro level, I enjoy working with people. Whether you would like portraits of family members, pets or that special still life, I love making them into a form of digital art. BTW, please let your imagination run wild.


Below are the areas I enjoy.

  • Photo Illustration

    Photographer - Designer

    This has got to be one of the most fun things to do. When possible, I use minimal lighting as to maintain a natural at-ease comfort zone. Then it's off to Oz to do my thing.

  • Web Design


    Web work is a little bit like therapy for me, I think I do it to keep myself balanced. Some people do crossword puzzels, I enjoy doing a little faux coding along with my coffee.

  • Print + Graphics

    Art Director - Designer

    Print collaterals from outdoor to business cards and everything in between I have done, if not once, a thousand times. Branding and campaign work are my specialties. For years it was my bread'n butter.